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The quilter-friendly thread ideal for either a domestic or a longarm machine.

The Grace Company Canada's New Thread

Finesse is quilting thread designed to work smoothly for both domestic and longarm quilting machines. Finesse comes in a stackable mini-cone, ideal for trying our vibrant new colors without committing to a whole cone of thread.

Quilters love Finesse because it is strong, soft, colorfast, and inexpensive–perfect for all quilters.
The cost of shipping is $10 for any amount of Finesse thread.

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The quilters spoke, and the Grace Company listened

We saw the need in the market for high-quality and well-designed thread. New quilters would often ask us which thread to use for longarm quilting, and we learned that they had a hard time finding quality thread from their local shops. We chose to partner with Wonderfil, who is known for quality, attention to detail and superior thread manufacturing. Wonderfil custom manufactures Finesse thread exclusively for The Grace Company Canada, and the results are a product that we are very proud to share!

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Completely Quilter Friendly

Finesse is the ideal thread for quilters of all skill levels. It has low lint, and is designed to glide cleanly through the quilting machine with less residue.

How would you like to worry less about tension? Finesse makes setting tension easier, and it's strong and won't break when stitching at high speeds.

Can Finesse make prettier stitches? The 3-ply, core-spun thread has a consistent round design which adds a pleasing depth to your stitches.

Finesse thread in a quilting machine

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Strong and Versatile

Finesse is designed to work smoothly for both domestic and longarm machines. While it is made with the quilter in mind, it can also be used for many other sewing projects.

100% polyester is much stronger than cotton, making it more durable but thin enough to prevent bulk. Even 100% cotton purists will find that Finesse does the job right.

Sews smoothly in all types of quilting machines

The perfect size: Finesse Mini-Cones

Too Small

Just Right!

Too Big

Finess Mini Cone Size Comparison

The Finesse mini-cone is the perfect balance between spool and cone, giving it just the right amount of yardage for one king-sized quilt, or multiple smaller projects. The size allows you to try out lots of different colors without buying more thread than you need. Their "just right" size allows the mini-cones to fit in an average sewing drawer. As an additional bonus, they’re stackable!

Easy to store

Finesse threads are sized perfectly to fit in most sewing drawers. This saves space in your work area! As an added bonus, the mini-cones are stackable, saving you even more room and making a fun way to store and display your thread!

stacked finesse thread
different finesse colors

60 Beautiful Hand-Chosen Colors

Each color in the Finesse thread line was hand-chosen based on extensive research into the latest trends in design, fashion, and the quilting industry. Many of the colors were inspired by fundamental values in color theory, which we used to create harmonious relationships between hues. The result was a beautiful collection of thread colors that we hope will inspire new waves of personal expression and creativity in our quilters' next masterpieces.

Download a thread card

Get more information and see all of the beautiful Finesse colors.

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different finesse colors

What Others Are Saying

Absolutely gorgeous... front and back!

I've been using one thread brand for years and I never thought I'd have a reason to switch... until now! I love this Finesse thread! It's slightly thicker than the thread I've been using, but something about this thread sinks right into my quilt. The stitches are beautifully delineated and I haven't had a single thread break or tension issue. It's Absolutely gorgeous on the front and back!

—Leah Day

I love the minimal lint

Grace Company's new Finesse thread is a welcome addition to the mid and long arm quilting world. Having a thread designed especially for the Q'nique makes finding the perfect tension setting a breeze. And, I love the minimal lint generated because it's a polyester thread. The mini-cone size is also a welcome feature. Having 1500 yards of thread means I don't have to worry about running out on a large project, but I can also afford to collect all the colors I want. I'm looking forward to quilting many more projects with Finesse.

—Sarah J. Maxwell


50wt ∕ 3ply

100% Polyester

1500 yrds ∕ 1371 m

finesse quilting thread

Get some color in those quilts!

20 Solid and 40 Variegated Colors!
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