Use less backing fabric and attach your fabric to your frame easily and accurately. Cloth leaders come printed with precise guide marks and pin lines.  It works great with our Fabri-Fast system, but also includes a Velcro® attachment kit that can be used to secure the cloth leaders to your frame. Cloth Leaders are also available by the meter

136" Cloth Leaders

Used for 12 foot frames

  • One 136" x 24" Cloth Leader

  • One 136" x 18" Cloth Leader

  • One 136" x 8" Cloth Leader

  • Three 136" Velcro Strips

112" Cloth Leaders

Used for 8 & 10 foot frames

  • One 112" x 24" Cloth Leader

  • One 112" x 18" Cloth Leader

  • One 112" x 8" Cloth Leader

  • Three 112" x 8" Velcro Strips

Hoop Frame, Hoop Frame Pro,
Cutie Frame

  • One 61" x 9" Corded Back Rail Leader Cloth

  • One 61" x 16" Front Rail Leader Cloth

  • Two 10.75" x 11" Side Rail Leader Cloths

Q-Zone Queen

Used for 8 foot 2 rail frame

  • One 88" x 8" Cloth Leader

  • One 88" x 13" Cloth Leader

  • Two 88" Velcro Strips

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$289.95 - $339.95
112 Inch Cloth Leaders
136 Inch Cloth Leaders
For Q Zone Hoop or Cutie Frame Specific
For Q Zone Queen Frame Specific

Choose the size that best fits your frame: 136" or 112". (Longer lengths can be cut to fit your frame.)

New cloth leaders specifically for the Q-Zone Hoop-Frame are available.

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Manufactured by: The Grace Company Canada
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