Q'nique 21 Pro longarm quilting machine

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Q'nique 21 Pro longarm quilting machine

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With the release of the Q'nique 21 Longarm, the Grace Company continues its focus on the customer by employing quality, comfort, and convenience at every level. Like the Grace Company itself, quality is at the heart of the Q'nique quilting machine.

Q'nique 21 Pro longarm quilting machine

Your Last Quilting Machine

Our professional top-tier longarm quilting machine adds premium capability without complexity. Our secret sauce—an incredible leap in design quality—grants a smoother more enjoyable quilting experience.

Welcome To The Pro Level

The Q'nique 21 Pro quilting machine steps above regular midarm/longarm machines to deliver you the capabilities of a professional machine, without making your favorite hobby needlessly difficult.

Its faster stitching capacity, incredibly smooth feel, simple user contols, and vibration reducing design will astound you.

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Stitch RegulationThe Q'nique 21 Pro knows how fast or slow you're quilting, and will match your speed

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2,600 Stitches Per MinuteThe Q'nique 21 Pro's powerful motor will keep up with you, while delivering an unbeatably smooth stitching experience.

Full Control at your Fingertips

The handles are the number one way you interact with your sewing machine, so we designed the handles on the Q'nique 21 Pro to give you the best quilting experience possible. All major functions and settings can be controlled right from the handles and easily navigated using the full–color display.

longarm rotating handles

Adjustable Handles

The handles of Q'nique 21 Pro adjust to the most comfortable position, so you can quilt in the way that feels most natural. The handles can also be rotated down to a "micro–handle" position for precise control over fine stitching and stippling.

Comfort Grip Quilting Machine Handles

Comfort Grip Design

The handles have been designed with a comfort grip, following the contours and curves of your hand. The soft ergonomic handles relieve stress on the hands, letting you quilt for an extended period of time.

Long Arm Quilting machine handle buttons

6 Quick–Access Buttons

All the quilting functions of the machine can be controlled easily right from the handles with the push of a button.

Long Arm Quilting machine handle buttons

Bigger Screen, Simpler Controls

The new full-color touch screen brings some new benefits that you don't want to quilt without.

• We've simplified the screen layout to make it easier to find what you need.

• Our new bobbin estimator is here to help you make sure you never run out of thread at the worst time.

• Now you can always know what all the buttons do! The help screen gives you a detailed top-down view of your handle buttons, and how they can assist your quilting.

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Q'nique 21 with Continuum frame

Machine Head and Continuum II Frame




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Favorite Combinations

Continuum II Frame

Q'nique larger quilting blocks

The Continuum II quilting frame offers the premier experience for quilters who want to make up to king-size projects while enjoying a professional scrolling-frame experience.

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QuiltMotion QCT5

Q'nique larger quilting blocks

You can put any pattern or design on your projects with QuiltMotion Quilter's Creative Touch 5. It's user-friendly controls puts any design withing reach.

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Other Quilting Machine Features

The Q'nique 21 pro introduces some innovative new features to the quilting industry. The Grace Company Canada has been listening to what quilters have to say about quilting and their desired features. Every aspect of the Q'nique 21 Pro has been carefully designed to add convenience and heighten the quality of the machine, of the stitch, and of the entire quilting experience.

Positionable Hopping Foot

qnique 21 longarm adjustable hopping foot

The patented hopping foot of the Q'nique 21 Pro can be positioned for optimum visibility of the needle. Easily switch the hopping foot to either the side or the back of the needle according to your preference.

qnique quilting machine screen

Bobbin Estimator

With our new bobbin estimator, you can keep track of bobbin-life is, and control at what point you want to replace it before it runs out.

longarm quilting machine needle lights

Integrated LED Work Lights

You’ll love being able to clearly see each stitch defined with color–accurate, day–light balanced lighting.

qnique quilting machine bobbin winder

Automatic Bobbin Winder

A high–speed automatic bobbin winder is built right into the machine. This makes refilling the bobbin a breeze! Just use the thread from one of the thread towers. The bobbin winder even shuts off automatically when the bobbin is full!

The Continuum II Frame

The Perfect Companion for the Q'nique 21 Pro

continuum 2 frame for qnique 21 longarm quilting machine

The new Continuum II Quilting Frame has been designed by the Grace Company to perfectly accommodate the Q'nique 21 Pro machine. With steel and cast–alloy components, the frame is one of the sturdiest and longest–lasting frames ever designed. This modular frame has many available configurations and accessories. This is a no–baste frame designed to make your quilting projects easier, more convenient, and more beautiful. The frame is available in standard 8' or 10' packages with the machine.

Continuum II Frame Features

  • Available in 8' queen or 10' king
  • Channel locks for easy straight lines
  • Made from sturdy steel and cast–alloy
  • Steel fabric rails
  • Included leveling feet
  • SureTrack Carriage System

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