pro-Guide Straight Edge

A professional tool for the ultimate cutting experience

The Pro-Guide Straight Edge is a unique product that is new to the quilting and fabric cutting industry. This handy tool acts like a large ruler; long enough for extra long cuts, and heavy enough to hold down fabric. The T-shape feature aligns to the edge of the table to keep cuts steady and precise. The Pro-Guide is also compatible with the TrueCut Track and Guide system, keeping the cutting process safe, easy, and accurate.


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Pro-Guide Straight Edge

Expanding your reach

Discover the new and easy way to cut

Larger than average rulers for larger than average cutting jobs. Perfect for cutting fabric right off the bolt, cutting multiple layers, cutting longer strips and more!

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Pro-Guide Features

Extra Long Edge

Perfect for longer cuts, such as cutting fabric right off the bolt

Adjustable Handle

Slide and lock the handle in the most comfortable position

High-Quality Materials

Made with professional-grade extruded aluminum for durability

Removable T-Square

For easy alignment with the table's edge for straight cuts

Compatible with TrueCut Track & Guide system

Giving you straight cuts every time

How would you like to have a cutting system that gave you straight cuts every time? No more slipping away from the edge for crooked cuts! No more accidentally cutting into your ruler or running over the top! The Pro-Guide comes with our patented Ruler Track.
By itself, this raised edge provides more safety when cutting. When used together with a TrueCut cutter, the track interlocks with the cutter's Cutter Guide. As you move the cutter along the Pro-Guide's track, the guide keeps the cutter from veering away from the edge.

TrueCut Ruler Track and Cutter Guide

Available in one size

34 Inches

23 inch pro-guide straight edge


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